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Conceal-and-seek or hide-and-go-seek is a well-liked youngsters’s recreation wherein any variety of gamers conceal themselves within the setting, to be discovered by a number of seekers. The sport is performed by one participant chosen (designated as being “it”) closing their eyes and counting to a predetermined quantity whereas the opposite gamers conceal. After reaching this quantity, the participant who’s “it” calls, “Prepared or not, right here I come!” after which makes an attempt to find all hid gamers.

The sport can finish in one in every of a number of methods. In the most typical variation of the sport, the participant chosen as “it” locates all gamers because the gamers will not be allowed to maneuver; the participant discovered final is the winner and is chosen to be “it” within the subsequent recreation. One other frequent variation has the seeker counting at “residence base”; the hiders can both stay hidden or they will come out of hiding to race to residence base; as soon as they contact it, they’re “secure” and can’t be tagged. But when the seeker tags one other participant earlier than reaching residence base, that individual turns into “it.”

The sport is an instance of an oral custom


360 video Girl Hide and seek in virtual reality great with VR headset

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